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Hello guys in this tutorial i am going to tell you about "How To Grow On YouTube"  fast. If you are thinking to start a new channel on YouTube or you already created a  channel here are some tricks that helps to grow on YouTube.

Firstly, choose a catchy and easy to remember YouTube channel name!
Now i am gong to talk about How To Rank Your Videos On YouTube and get more subscriber...
So, firstly we will talk about the videos.

So whenever you export your videos to gallery so save the video with its name for ex: How To  Create  Website For Free.mp4 . it helps YouTube to understand what is your topic.

For ranking videos choose a topic that people are searching on daily basis or the topic is trending.
For ex: my topic is " How To Create A Website For Free"  this topic is very good for getting more views. This topic gets never old. People always searched for this topic. So choose topic like this or choose any trending topic.

Irritating intro: Don't make irritating intro for ex: don't make a subscribe and press the bell icon intro. It irritate viewers and they will leave your video.

Ranking Videos Tricks:
1. Title: Choose a interesting title that so people click on your video.
2. Description: (i) In first line of description add the title of video .
                        (ii) In second line explain about your video.
                       (iii) Then after second line write: - Topic covered in this video. now put 5 or 6 tags in "Topic covered in this video ".
                       (iv) Now add other additional information about video. Now your description end here.
3. Tags: Tags are very important part to rank your video on YouTube. So the question is How to get tags for your videos so there are two are ways for finding tags for your videos.
(i) YouTube search: Yes! YouTube search. Open YouTube and then type your topic and you will find suggestions that people searched for. You can use them as tags of your videos.

4. Thumbnail: Thumbnail is very important as if your video ranks due to Title, Description and tags. So it is the work of your thumbnail to attract viewers. The more attractive the thumbnail is, the more people click on Video. So for  example your video on top 2 of YouTube search and it depends on your thumbnail that people click on your video. Sometime people click on the second video due to its good thumbnail. So try to make attractive thumbnail. Don't use too much text or too much images. You can use Photoshop, Canva and Picsart for making thumbnails.

5. To get more views: You can also share your video on social media. Facebook, Twitter etc etc....

And now the video starts to rank faster by using this tricks! and you will get more views
How To Get Subscribers: So it is well known fact that if you get more views then you will automatticly recieve subscribers and it depends on you that how much you attract viewers to subscribe your channel. Don't told them again and again to subscriber it will irritate the viewers and they will leave your video.

Hope guys this tutorial is helpful for you and you learn something..